How Pedal Power Can Fuel Your Travel Bug

Discover the new type of tourism that is attracting active seniors. Read this article to see if it’s right for you.

Image by Jürgen Polle from Pixabay

When it comes to modes of travel, most people think of planes, trains, and automobiles. But an increasing number of travelers are now relying on pedal power.

As Yahoo! News reports, bike tours allow you to “explore vistas and experiences off the beaten path at your own pace.” And electric bikes – or e-bikes as they are commonly called – are making it easy, especially for seniors.

The battery-powered e-bikes have changed the way people travel. More and more vacationers are using pedal power to see the sights or discover foreign country sides.

Tour companies are getting in on the action, organizing multiday excursions across the U.S. and abroad. The trip typically includes the e-bike, tour guides, and support van service. Hotels and meals are often included in the price as well.

E-bike tours are a great option for active seniors. According to, e-bikes have emerged as one of the most low-impact and senior-friendly modes of exercise. The motor helps make conquering obstacles — like hills — much easier, but e-bikes still require enough physical effort to make for a great workout.

In addition to the physical benefits, e-bikes have been proven to help maintain cognitive and mental health among older riders. One study found e-bike riding can even provide a brain boost. E-bikes have also been shown to inspire confidence and improve self-esteem in older people who may feel limited by mobility issues.

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