It’s Never too Late to Become Fashion Sensations

Chang Wan-chi and Hsu Hsiu-e are lighting up Instagram with their bold fashion statements. However, there’s more to this couple than you might expect…

Chang Wan-chi and Hsu Hsiu-e outisde their laundomat

Chang Wan-chi and Hsu Hsiu-e, a couple from Taiwan, are fashion sensations lighting up Instagram with their bold style.

And, while fashion stars taking Instagram by storm is hardly rare, there’s more to these two than you might expect.

Chang Wan-chi is 83 and Hsu Hsiu-e is 84. According to, their outfits aren’t put together by designers but are made up of “forgotten or unwanted garments” from the couple’s laundromat.

With the help of their grandson, they’ve gained over 456 thousand followers from around the globe on Instagram!

The couple says they’re loving their newfound internet popularity. And Chang vows to continue modeling to help “encourage elderly people to remain active.”

So not only do these fashion sensations have style, but they’re doing it all for an amazing cause!

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