Good News Frequent Flyers – Middle Seats Could Soon Become a Thing of the Past!

The inflight experience could change dramatically if some of this year’s Crystal Cabin Award concepts become reality.

airplane cabin
Image by Pexels

Anyone who has ever flown knows how miserable it can be to be stuck in the middle seat. Well, the days of fighting for an armrest may soon be over!

According to an article by CNN Travel, one of the most exciting ideas from this year’s Crystal Cabin Awards is an airplane cabin without any middle seats.

Dubbed the “only international award for excellence in aircraft interior innovation,” Crystal Cabin Awards will announce its finalists in May and winners in June.

One of the ingenious ideas in the cabin innovation category is Air New Zealand’s “Skynest” concept. It would allow economy-class passengers to book a sleeping pod on long-haul flights. Arranged like bunk beds, the pod would be bookable for approximately four hours, allowing passengers to take a nap. This is not just a concept. Prototypes have been built and the airline is working with certification and engineering to include the Skynest on future 787 aircraft.

Another cool concept is the “multi cabin” by Spanish architecture company Taller De Arquitectura T36. It completely overhauls the traditional airplane cabin by creating separate economy cabins on two levels and doing away with the dreaded middle seat. With seating arrangements in twos, the plane would feature virtual windows, so everyone has a “view.”

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