Discover What Your Airplane Seat Preference Says About Your Personality

Whether you are outgoing or shy, find out which seat on the airplane you should request based on your personality.

Photo by Athena

When it comes to flying, where you choose to sit can reveal a lot about your personality. While we do not always have a choice, when you can pick it’s usually done with a purpose and preference. Escape magazine talked to a couple of psychologists to get their take on what your seat choice says about your personality. The findings are quite eye-opening.

If you’re an extrovert, then the middle seat might not be so bad for you. People who prefer middle seats are usually easy-going types. The psychology professor interviewed for the story shared that these people typically possess some humility and modesty, rather than a sense of control and self-importance. Of course, he notes they might also simply be smaller in stature and don’t care about being cramped.

You might be surprised to learn that introverts often opt for the aisle seat. That’s not so much to try to avoid conversation, but because they would rather be inconvenienced themselves than to have to inconvenience somebody else. The professor notes that it’s a sure sign of introversion to choose to be uncomfortable than to actually have to ask your seatmates to get up to let you pass.

If your seat of choice is the window seat, then you are probably a little self-absorbed. A psychologist shared that passengers who pick a window seat prefer to exist in their own bubble or tend to like to be in control. The author points out that they might also enjoy the special treatment, as they get served first by the flight attendant and make their seat mates pass their trash for clean-up. Window seat occupants may also be more easily irritable.

In case you were wondering, this investigation was prompted by a Twitter post from a woman who said she and her husband were both assigned middle seats: she, the introvert, had apologized to her seatmates seven times, while her husband, the extrovert, was sharing snacks and invited to someone’s wedding.

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