Travel Experts Weigh In on Where Not to Go in 2023 

Before you book your next vacation look to see if your destination is on Fodor’s “No List”. Find out why they say to stay away.

Lake Tahoe
Lake Tahoe photo by Suraj Mali

When it comes to deciding where to go for vacation, many people rely on the travel experts at Fodor’s. So, it might seem odd that they are now publishing a list of places not to visit. The company’s “No List” for 2023 features destinations it feels you should avoid because tourism in these places is causing unsustainable ecological, cultural, and social harm.

The “No List” focuses on global tourism’s impact on three key areas:

  1. Unique and sensitive natural environments which are being increasingly sullied by tourists,
  2. Cultural hotspots facing overcrowding,
  3. Destinations suffering from water crises that already heavily burden local communities.

Several of the sites Fodor’s considered in danger are right here in the United States.

Lake Tahoe, in California, is on the list because of over-population. The enormous amount of traffic is causing road debris to contaminate the lake, clouding its cobalt-blue water.

A shortage of freshwater is why Maui, Hawaii, is on the list. The enormous number of lush, tropical resorts filled with guests is putting strain on the area’s limited water supply.

Severe drought in Arizona and Nevada is also causing water shortage problems worsened by tourism. There were numerous news stories this past year about shipwrecks and other debris being unearthed as water levels receded in Lake Mead and Lake Powell.  

With this knowledge, will you plan your vacations to help promote sustainability? Message The Seniors Trust on Facebook or Twitter and let us know if you will avoid vacationing in places on Fodor’s “No List.”