Three Tips to Avoid Stress When Going Through Airport Security

From which line to pick and what to keep in your carry-on, we have top tips for getting through airport security stress free.

Photo by Matthew Turner

Airport security lines are the cause of a great deal of angst for travelers. Fortunately, some of this stress can be avoided. A travel expert shared her secrets to breezing through security with the Daily Mail. Her top three tips are to:

  1. Always go left at security. The travel insider swears by this one. She says because most people are right-handed, their natural tendency is to go right. If you go to the farthest left security line, there are usually fewer people ahead of you.
  2. Bring an extra pair of socks. Noting that the floor at security is one of the dirtiest and most highly trafficked areas inside the airport, the travel expert says you should always keep an extra pair of socks in your carry-on bag. She warns never to go barefoot and you should switch into a clean pair of socks after clearing the security area.
  3. Choose your carry-on carefully. Instead of a roller bag that you roll and pull from behind, she recommends using a bag that sits upright. Not only is this easier to maneuver around the airport, but it will put less strain on your shoulders and back.

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