Seniors’ Travel Options

What are the best options for seniors’ travel? We take a look at the different ways seniors can get around the country or the world! Here are some of the best…

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Image: GoDaddy has a fantastic guide to seniors travel. Here are some of the best ways for seniors to travel.

Road Trips are an Excellent Option

Consider renting or buying an RV.

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An RV trip is the perfect opportunity to visit a string of destinations in one trip.

And, honestly, what could better than having your living accommodations come with you as you travel, sightsee, and explore?

No packing and unpacking at each stop. Your clothes, toiletries, and cooking supplies are stored right where you want them.

And don’t forget your phone. Its GPS navigation can be essential for finding your way!

Air Travel for Seniors

AgingInPlace rightfully points out that air travel can sometimes be difficult for seniors. Luckily, accommodations are made for older folks.

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Don’t be afraid to ask for help getting from one place to another in an airport. They usually provide transport for people who may have a little trouble getting around.

And, when purchasing your ticket, consider picking the aisle seat. Sure, you may miss the views, but it will make things easier when getting up mid-flight and disembarking.

Senior Sailing

AgingInPlace writes that “people over 50 make up the largest number of passengers” on cruises.

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Cruises with multiple stops, similar to RV’ing, are a great opportunity to travel to different destinations on one trip – without the hassle of changing hotel rooms.

As AgingInPlace points out, so much is taken of for your on a cruise, like food and activities, that it’s an excellent way to simply relax.

And there’s plenty to do on cruise ships. In fact, they’re almost like small, floating city with restaurants, entertainment, and shops. You won’t be bored, that much is almost guaranteed!

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