Be a Polite Passenger – What NOT to Do on an Airplane

What you do on an airplane can impact those sitting near you. Find out what traits annoy people the most when flying.

image by Pixabay

With more and more people flying these days, airplanes are getting back to pre-pandemic levels. Fuller flights mean the actions of your fellow passengers are more noticeable. Only Wanderlust, a travel resource website, surveyed frequent flyers to find out what actions annoy them the most. The results were so eye-opening that Travel & Leisure did a report on the findings.

Only Wanderlust surveyed 1,500 passengers to determine the Top 20 Airline Passenger Annoyances. It should not come as much surprise to anyone who has ever flown before that having your seat kicked came out on top as being the most annoying thing to experience when flying.

Other high-ranking annoyances were the stinker (passenger with body odor), noisy kids, inconsiderate recliners (you know the ones – they recline their seat to the point where you could almost perform a dental exam), loud sleepers (no one wants to listen to you snore), Chatty Cathy (the seatmate who wants to talk the entire trip), the armrest hog (enough said), the clapper (why do they always clap when the plane lands?), and last, but not least, the night owl (whose bright laptop or tablet screen keeps you awake on night flights).

With all this in mind, please try to be a polite passenger next time you fly. Think of those people sitting around you before you take off your shoes mid-flight or unwrap that tuna fish sandwich that has been in your carry-on bag since you left home five hours ago.

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