Top Travel Trends for 2021

The global coronavirus pandemic devastated the travel industry. Experts now predict the way we travel may forever be altered.

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The global coronavirus pandemic brought the travel industry to a screeching halt earlier this year. Although, domestic travel is slowly beginning to bounce back, it may take years before the travel industry resumes its pre-pandemic stride. And if the travel trends for 2021 are any indication, the way we travel may forever be altered.

The travel experts at recently released their 2021 Travel Trends Report and it reveals that travelers’ priorities have changed. In the future, expect to see:

  • More flexibility – look for more refundable rates when booking hotels and even airfare
  • Health and safety measures – expect enhanced cleaning, contactless check-in, and other guest safety measures to continue
  • Last-minute bookings – now that airlines have eliminated change fees, travelers may feel comfortable booking in advance again
  • Interest in alternative accommodations – cabins, cottages, and even castles saw a bump in bookings and travelers seem to be liking the non-hotel options
  • Experiential travel – travelers are trying to make the most of their vacation experiences and are booking more tours and adventures

What will be important to you when you resume traveling? We want to hear about your travel priorities. Leave a comment below or reach out to The Seniors Trust on Facebook or Twitter?

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