Going on Vacation? Be Sure to Pick Up This Scent-imental Souvenir

Stop buying snow globes that just collect dust. We’ve got a great suggestion for a scent-imental souvenir from your next vacation.

Photo by Anete Lusina

Forget the snow globes, shot glasses and refrigerator magnets. A reporter for The Washington Post shared the scent-imental souvenir she purchases while on vacation — a scented candle. She promises this travel memento will evoke fond memories for years to come.

Scientific evidence shows that your sense of smell may be a better memory trigger than your sense of sight. A certain smell can instantly flood your brain with memories of a distinct location or person. Just think about it; you could be in a crowd and catch a whiff of a familiar perfume and images of your grandmother instantly pop into your mind. The same holds true for vacation memories.

The reporter says whenever she visits a new city, she starts her trip by purchasing a candle. She looks for one with scents that remind her of the surroundings. She will burn the candle throughout her stay so that she begins to associate that scent with the city. Then, once she’s home, whenever she burns the candle it transports her back to that vacation.

It’s not a new concept. Many hotels have signature scents pumped through their lobbies. There’s even a entire brand built around candles that smell like certain cities called Homesick, so you can always enjoy your hometown scent no matter where you are.

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