Can You Visit Your Grandkids After You Get The COVID-19 Vaccine?

Does getting the COVID-19 vaccine make it safe to see your family again? Here’s the latest on when it may be safe to plan a family reunion.

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For many seniors, COVID-19 has meant almost a year of isolation. Staying home to stay safe. While Zoom has helped keep us connected, it’s not the same as spending actual face to face time with the ones you love. And it definitely does not feel the same as a loving hug and kiss from a grandchild! So, once you receive your COVID-19 vaccine is it finally safe to go visit your grandkids?

According to a story by Conde Nast Traveler, this is not a simple “yes” or “no” question. The current vaccines have a 95% efficacy rate – meaning there is a slight (5%) chance of infection. That’s good news! The bigger issue is that it is still unknown if a vaccinated person could become an asymptomatic spreader and infect others – and researchers are looking into that right now. So, to answer the million-dollar question: “Is it safe to visit your grandkids after you get the COVID-19 vaccine?” the answer is “maybe”. Having the vaccine should protect you from contracting the coronavirus, but to protect your kids and grandkids it’s probably best to continue following COVID-19 protocols like wearing a mask. But, as more vaccines are distributed, there’s plenty of hope you should soon be able to finally give your grandkids that long-awaited hug! Be sure to keep up with the latest guidelines from the experts at the CDC.

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