New Travel Passport App May Be Mandatory for Future Flights

What will the Travel Pass app mean for flyers and traveling to other countries safely?

An Airplane Taking Off
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Starting next month, major airlines may require passengers to carry Travel Pass. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has been working at light-speed to develop this mobile app that allows travelers to store and manage verified certifications for coronavirus tests and vaccines.

A report on TravelPulse regards Travel Pass as a true game changer, as it will offer a more seamless and streamlined system of approving travel credentials. Although a direct response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Travel Pass is an extension of existing IATA products used to verify passenger travel documents. A press release on the product launch says the main feature of the Travel Pass mobile app is that it provides passengers with a uniform and safe place to store and manage their Covid-19 tests and vaccination records. It is more secure and efficient than a paper-based process.

The four key components of the Travel Pass system include:

  • Provides accurate information on travel, testing, and vaccine requirements for the passenger’s destination
  • Offers a list of testing and vaccination centers so passengers can find labs that meet the requirements of the destination government
  • Testing labs can securely send test results or vaccination certificates
  • The consumer-facing IATA Travel Pass app lets travelers store a digital version of their passport and test results, which can be shared with airlines and authorities at the destination

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